Operation and maintenance recommendations:

  • before connecting a battery remove  the top label sticker to allow free access of air to cells. In case of batteries equipped with  special ventilation pipes – take out plugs to allow free access of air to cells. Plugs may be reused to block the pipes when battery is out of use for a substantial period of time.
  • connect the battery with an appliance in accordance with polarity marked by the producer
  • do not: shake, try to recharge, short circuit, add any liquids, regenerate by yourself
  • if batteries work in sets – replace the whole set old and used batteries have to be recycled by specialized companies

Additional recommendations:

  • plants surrounding a fence have to be removed on regular basis, otherwise uncontrolled loss of power may occur
  • fencing has to be well grounded and the main power cord isolated form construction poles
  • power cord should be of appropriate length and not touch soil
  • rules recommended by the producer of an electizer have to be followed

Batteries produced by LubaCell Ltd. are user- and environmentally firendly.