Battery: zinc-air  0% Hg, 0% Cd

Nominal voltage: 7,5 V*

Discharge voltage: 4,5 V*

Operating temperatures: -5 ºC ÷ 45 ºC*

Minimum average time of discharge: 80 days*

Minimum average capacity: after one year proper storage 80% of beginning value*

W/L/H   Ø184/185± 1mm*

Terminals: located on top surface*

Guaranteed shelf life: 24 months

Weight: 2,7 ± 0.1 kg

Packaging: 4 pcs/carton, pallet: 120 / 168 pcs

Battery storage conditions and use conditions :

Temperature: 10-25 ° C*

Humidity: 40-95%*

Do not store batteries near heat sources or in direct sunlight.

Before connecting the battery – the vent plugs must be removed to provide air flow.

In order to make effective use of the battery, follow the electric appliance instructions (a suitable construction and length of the fence, suitable fencing wires, correct grounding).*